Magical worlds, strong hearts, unlikely heroes

Why do I write?

Ever since I was a child stories have been an important part of my life. They provided an escape when the world was harsh. They taught me about other cultures and points of view. They encouraged me to explore and create. My mind is bursting with stories and characters sprung from all I’ve read and lived, and if I don’t share them it might drive me mad.

Why do I write fantasy?

Fantasy provides a rich tapestry within which to weave a world of meaning. It allows you to step back and take a look at things that when written in ‘reality’ are harsh or painful, or too close to look at objectively. It allows a write to craft the exact setting that would show off the story to its best advantage. Besides, every writer makes their story from their own view, their own fantasy interpretation of the world. Fantasy writers are just more obvious about it.

I’m Melissa “Momtoast” Matos (‘ma’ like in mom and ‘tos’ like in toast). I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and still live here with my family and some grumpy cockatiels. I am a writer, graphic designer and gamer.

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