After outlining my plan, I decided to work on the author website and the mailing list together because they are very closely integrated. There are many benefits to getting them both up and running at the same time.

Most of what I’m going to talk about applies to WordPress websites and Mailchimp email lists. These are both easy to use and popular services that are likely to be updated for many years and integrate well together. I hope even if you don’t have a WordPress site that you can still benefit from this info since most websites integrate very easily with Mailchimp.

Other email list services that I have heard are popular for authors are MailerLite, ConvertKit, and Constant Contact. Depending on how many followers you plan to have, and if you are self published or traditionally published, you may wish to look into those services. Self published authors may need more sales tracking than Mailchimp offers, though even at the free level it has quite a few options. Shop around and find the service that works best for you. I preferred integration over most other considerations, so I stuck with Mailchimp.

Next up are social media strategies, or non-strategies, as the case may be.

Stats Update (as of April 10, 2020)

Twitter Followers: 1732 (+15)
Facebook Author Page: 6 (need to figure this out)
Instagram Followers: 247 (+75)
Pinterest Followers: 117 (no change, haven’t worked on this yet)
Mailing List: 209 (+196, yes, and I will tell you what I’m doing in the post after next)

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