Song of the Wild

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Glade Balladeer is a simple tavern bard who uses her skills in music and magic to entertain, and to work as a Warden, guarding the borders from the Wild beyond. When a powerful businessman discovers that she is also hiding that she is partly Wild herself, he blackmails her into taking a delicate case along with two other not-quite-legal Wardens. They discover more than just a missing girl and have to learn to work together to uncover a plot that might restart a centuries old war with the Wild.

Beneath the Mask

Prequel to Song of the Wild

Glade Balladeer just wants to be a famous bard, but she’s stuck working shady jobs with Drinn. When they get hired by the Wardens, fighters tasked with combating the powerful Wild, they end up with more than they bargained for.

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The Iron Sorcerer

Published in Kyanite Press Volume 2, Issue 1

In the realm of Gargantua, human’s lives are dictated by the rulers of the four domains: Dragons, Giants, Rocs and Krakens. Locasta was raised by the dragons to further their brand of order. Her first mission is to find the missing Iron Champion who never returned from his quest to retrieve the sword Craven from the Giants who had stolen it. She is joined by Trax, a dragon descended humanoid, who is tracking down the survivors of a past tragedy. Locasta must decide whether to use her strength to conquer and destroy, as the dragons would want, or to find something deeper to believe in.

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Visions of Darkness (Anthology)

Published by Kyanite Press

Every world holds darkness in the shadowed corners of reality. In some worlds, darkness is all there is. From the unknown lurking over the horizon to what dwells in the dark below a city, some of the most engaging moments in fantasy fiction blur a line with horror. Dark fantasy embraces this and creates something both fantastic and terrifying. Join us in exploring eight novelettes that delve into the dark and explore worlds of fantasy that don’t reserve nightmares merely for the night. Have your sword ready, because danger lurks in every shadow.

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Call of the Void by Crystal L. Kirkham
Fall, Sacred Apple by Emory Glass
Tree Crypt by Sam Claussen
Curse of the Dark Lake by Michael D. Nadeau
Mist Shroud by Melissa Matos
Jaws of the Deep by Elizabeth Carlyon
The Seven Curses by Alan G. Provance
Protector of the Realm by Brett Venter

Genre(s): Dark fantasy, horror

Publication Date: 6 October 2020

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