Mepacon and Balticon Online

Mepacon 38 (May 15-17, 2020) I have been running games at Mepacon for a few years now, and was happy to see that they would be running the games online this Spring. Here's my line up for Mepacon. May 15 - 7pm-11pmStar Trek Adventures: A Cure Worse than the Disease...

Research and Development

Writing fantasy novels takes a lot of things, effort, diligence, and for me a lot of planning and structure. But I also noticed after pushing myself to write on a regular schedule and produce a lot of words each day that I need to take in a lot of words. This can be reading or listening to other novels, or reading about the myths and folklore I am using as inspiration for my stories.

MASKS – Phoenix Academy

We can't stay away from this game! This is our third long campaign in MASKS, and this time we are set in Phoenix Academy, a school with a long and storied past. I won't give you the whole play by play, mostly because I lost track of taking notes a few sessions back,...

Quest for Novel Success: The Plan

So after digging through a lot of websites and books, I set up a plan, and was quickly obsessed with getting the steps done. It was almost like getting bitten by a great story idea and being able to think of anything else until you’ve written it down. So I was able to get many of these steps done in about two weeks.


So I started playing around with an online music creator called Soundtrap