This is a sestina poem in honor of Lady Leanna Mormont. If you don’t want spoilers and have not watched Game of Thrones S8 ep3, don’t read this yet.

Ravens carry the call.
Who’s the king of the north?
White is our breath,
winter’s here at last.
The north remembers
and Mormont answers

No others answered
the snow wolf’s call.
They do not remember
their oath to the north.
Will the north fall at last?
Not while Mormont draws breath.

With roaring breath
the young bear answered,
though she is the last.
She will answer the call,
crown the king of the north
and make them remember.

How well they remember
the lying breath
betrothed to the north,
when gray towers answered
the Castamere call.
White turned red at the last.

And now at the last,
she begs him remember
the north is his call,
not to trust dragon breath.
But her king has answered,
he must save the north.

Darkness falls on north
and she stays to the last.
House Mormont has answered.
House Mormont remembers.
Til the king’s last breath,
they will answer king’s call.

The north will remember
with your last breath
you answered the call.

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