We can’t stay away from this game! This is our third long campaign in MASKS, and this time we are set in Phoenix Academy, a school with a long and storied past.

I won’t give you the whole play by play, mostly because I lost track of taking notes a few sessions back, but I will introduce you to our characters and sum up the goal of the campaign.

Rick Danger (aka Kid Danger, aka The Defender)

Rick is a kid from the early 30s who was accidentally brought to the current time when Alpha’s rift generator malfunctioned. Eternally optimistic and cheery, he has no clue how to deal with the tons of tech around him, but he’s doing his best. He has run into his current self, known as The Danger, and found out that he has turned into a bitter, violent vigilante and is trying to discover why. It seems it has something to do with Nightfall’s grandmother.

This is the first time we have had someone playing the Innocent playbook. I’m not sure we were using it to its full potential, as it seems geared to turn the character into their future self, by allowing them to take increasingly mean moves. Since Rick was such a perky character, he was more determined not to become his future self, and has since switched to the Doomed, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Teagan (aka Alpha)

Alpha disappeared from a renaissance fair some time ago, and has been travelling through the dimensions ever since. She has some fun gadgets, and a wide independent streak. She would have hopped out of this whole school thing some time ago if her rift generator hadn’t broken.

This I think is also the first time for the Nomad template for us. We are very much enjoying it. It’s got a lot of Doctor Who flair. Though it did mess with the usual mechanic of influence (it is nearly impossible to gain influence over the nomad) that just made it more fun to try. She has now become a protege of Dr. Infinity, a time travelling robot.

Arjun Singh (aka Akosh)

Arjun is a kind and brave soul attending Phoenix Academy despite his wealthy father’s disapproval. His extensive power gets out of hand at times, so most of the students know when he starts to glow blue it’s time to get out of the way. The power running through him tends to burn him out, but he’s been more than willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

I don’t think we will ever play Masks without a Nova. They are by far the most fun playbook, even if you aren’t playing it yourself, as there is no end of possibilities for collateral damage and disapproval from the adults. If you think it makes the game too easy remember this is more about drama than the actual fights, and man does this playbook create drama.

Veronica Vaughn (aka V)

V is a troublemaker, an artist, and a powerful psychic. Her parents are military special ops and pretty strict, so she takes every chance she can to get out from their control. She does well in school when she wants to, but mostly she’s focused on keeping the team emotionally stable.

I do enjoy the Delinquent playbook. Though the power set may not seem very strong, the emotional control and creative moves make it a joy to play with. They tend to be the player that actually keeps the group together, having the most emotional insight and abilities.

Amber Johnson (aka Nightfall)

Amber is the last in a line of dark and shadowy heroes that have tried to bring the truth to Halcyon City to varying success. She lives with her (non-powered) father, though her mother left early in her life, unable to handle all the secrets. Her aunt is active as Nocturne, and her grandma Nyx was a hero of the golden age.

This is my first time playing a Legacy. I don’t think I intended to buck away from it so hard, but as happened in the game I ran, it’s too easy to make the members of your legacy the bad guys. And so it is with us. I have since abandoned my legacy, or they abandoned me, and now I’m a lowly (but very fun to play) Beacon.

Stay tuned for more updates about our game. Next time I will tell you all about how we are going to save the world.

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