Move over Star Wars

I have been in such turmoil about the current state of Star Trek in the world. Between the Abramsverse reboots and Star Trek: Discovery, I feared that my Star Trek, the optimistic utopian sci-fi show I remembered from high school (when I religiously watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) had passed away.

Wait, hold my wine

And then Picard happened. I cannot describe how happy this show makes me. True, its still not quite the utopian we’re here to explore the galaxy and make social commentary that I remember. Its more utopian in the sense that Picard is a hero, and he inspires others to be heroes, and they are going to save the galaxy dangit.

So if you’re up for a sci-fi drama, superbly acted, with some darkness but not grimdark, try Picard. It’s worth a watch.

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