I’m going to be a published author guys! My heroic fantasy novel Song of the Wild is going to be published by Kyanite Publshing in the Spring of 2021.

But what do I do now? I know there are a lot of authors who have the same questions. I know a lot of authors with several books already published are asking these questions. I don’t want to wait. I want to get ahead of this, and have my audience ready to go when my book comes out. That’s the ideal, right?

Also, I suppose I should define what I mean by success. It can be so many different things. My biggest dream would be to be able to join the SFWA which means a certain level of sales. So the goal is 1,600 copies sold in one year. There are lots of reasons why that may be a pie in the sky goal, but it’s something to shoot for.

I Need a Plan

Stay tuned for how all of this influenced my plan, and what I chose to use to dress up my website.

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