So after digging through a lot of websites and books, I set up a plan, and was quickly obsessed with getting the steps done. It was almost like getting bitten by a great story idea and being able to think of anything else until you’ve written it down. So I was able to get many of these steps done in about two weeks.

You may take more or less time to set your plan in motion depending on your comfort level with technology and how much you have set up already. I already had a website and a Mailchimp and social media accounts, so most of my plan was just to clean up and make better use of things I already had. If you are completely starting from scratch it may seem more daunting. But it’s fine, take it one step at a time and you will get through it.

Website Cleanup/Improvement

First I wanted to clean up my website. I hadn’t really posted much beyond my podcast episodes for some time. I had no way to sign up for an email list, and I had no “reader magnets” or incentives for visitors to sign up for my list. There were some other things I wanted to add in just for fun.

Email List

I had one. But I wasn’t using it. And I didn’t know much about how to use it either. Mailchimp has some great automation options, even at the free level. I also wanted to create a useful template so I could just plug in what I wanted to say that week and let it go. Mailchimp made that easy as well.

I found out I could integrate Mailchimp to my website in a few ways, because I have a WordPress site and because Mailchimp can do some cool things when you connect it to your site.

Social Media Expansion

I had already made some progress on Twitter, mostly with the amazing writers community there. But I need to start attracting readers on my social media accounts. This means posting more stuff about my stories and things related to it. So I plan to spiff up my Twitter and Instagram, and to create an author page on Facebook and Pinterest.

Current Stats (as of March 3, 2020):
Twitter Followers: 1717
Facebook: I have no author’s page (yet), so 0
Instagram Followers: 172
Pinterest Followers: 117 (really? maybe I should do more on Pinterest)
Mailing List: 13

Get Them Emails

Most of the above I know a little something about. I figure with a few tweaks they would be good to go. (Unless I obsessed over them or something, but I wouldn’t do that would I?) But this step I knew nothing about other than added a sign up form on my site. Thankfully, I found some great solutions that claim to help with just that. More on that in future posts.

For When I’m Closer

When I’m closer to my book coming out, there will be conventions and soliciting reviews and blogs and other things, but that’s all Phase 2. I wanted to get through all this first.

Stay tuned for more of the Quest on Author Websites and Mailing Lists.

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