I’m determined to get caught up on my TBR list this year. I have a lot of books, but I’m not going to make a huge list of what I’m planning to read, since I tend to really only read what I’m in the mood for. But here’s what was read in August, and what I’m hoping to get to next.

Shard and Shield, by Laura VanArendonk Baugh 

Laura built a rich magical world around an (understandably) bitter illegitimate son of a king and an exiled prince. It was difficult at times to read through the treatment of slaves in the culture, but watching Shianan grow as a character and his relationships deepen with the slaves and his own masters needed that brutality. There were parts that felt like were very inspired by the Biblical story of Joseph. I hope to read more in this series.

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Peace Talks, by Jim Butcher

I have been eager to get back to Harry Dresden for a while. I have loved these stories since I first read Storm Front, finding the perfect combination of fantasy and detective fiction. He has two coming out this year, rare for them to come so close together, so this one was more like part one, gearing us up for what I’m expecting to be a crazy ride in Battle Ground. And if I don’t get to see a dragon in battle I’m going to be very disappointed.

Burning Brightly, by Alexa Donne

When I heard that this was a YA Jane Eyre in space I knew I had to read it. And it was not a disappointment. The story was basically the same, adjusted some for our modern tastes and the future world that she has built. It was fun, engaging, romantic, with a satisfying mystery. Alexa Donne has a great YouTube channel about publishing and writing, with a lot of not usually talked about details of traditional publishing.

Chosen Ones, by Veronica Roth

I was really happy with the first act of this book. The idea of following the chosen ones ten years after defeating the Dark Lord was brilliant, and I was all on board with the traumatized, emotionally distant, famous and hating it group of people she introduced to at the beginning, who were gearing up to keep the government from doing something stupid with magic. And then act two went off the rails. I didn’t want to go into what felt like a completely different story, much less mature and nuanced than the beginning.

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The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson

Wow. Just wow. I knew that I was going to be impressed with the magic and the world building. I have read Mistborn. But I was not prepared for the level of foreshadowing and tension and suspense and twists and I still have so many questions! I will definitely be finishing this series.

Coming Next

By Darkness Hid, by Jill Williamson
The Three Body Problem, by Cixin Liu

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