So, now I have my website and mailing list set up, what’s next?

Social media is the most controversial part of book marketing. Some people claim you have to have massive numbers on all the most popular platforms to be successful. Others say they aren’t worth your time. There’s a lot of information, most of which is not backed by statistics. When it comes to marketing, pay attention to as many statistics as you can. If they aren’t backing up their claims with numbers, there is no way to prove that their method wasn’t just a fluke.


Twitter Followers: 1728 (-4) I’ve been hovering consistently around 1,730
Facebook Author Page: 10 (need to get my website unblocked)
Instagram Followers: 201 (-46) Not sure what happened there. But I have a new project that will hopefully boost this some.
Pinterest Followers: 116 I’m hoping the same project that boosts Instagram will boost this as well.
Mailing List: 259 (+50, yes, and I will tell you what Iā€™m doing next post)

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