A Star Trek: Adventures actual play account

Today’s Lesson: Don’t look like you’re enjoying killing the players too much. Really, I don’t think this was a huge problem, but I do feel like I was trying a bit to hard to cause actual damage, which may have been a bit discouraging. You want the players ot think that the task is difficult, but not impossible. They are the heroes, after all. How do you acheive this balance? I haven’t quite figured that out. I’m more of a lets make the story interesting and lead to the villains inevitable demise. Crunching numbers to make battles even are not so much my thing. So today’s report is a bit more just commentary about the system, since we really only had the one major battle in defense of Deep Space Nine.

deep space nine

Since I knew I wanted to throw all the Klingons at them, I gave the players another ship, a Nebula class called the Shiloh, as well as full use of their fighters, which we haven’t had a chance to use yet. Collins and Nos’grom moved to the Shiloh, Takis and Mooch stayed on the Kidd, and Shon took control of the fighters.

I had the players help me find the rules about how many actions each ship gets in combat. We decided rather than go back and forth after each action, each ship would be allowed to take its full range of actions before allowing the initiative to pass to the next player. Otherwise I think the battles would drag on far too much.

Also, for the purposes of this game, the fighters all acted on the same turn, but counted as four scale 2 ships. This may be giving them more credit than they should get, but the book does allow Federation fighters to be counted as a scale 2 ship. I think this gave a good feeling of the amount of firepower they had, but I’m not sure it gives credence to their manuevering. I may have to look into that a bit more. They are harder for large ships to hit, however. I will have to have a chance to fight back with some Cardassian fighters at some point.

It began with a K’vort and two B’rel class birds of prey up against the Kidd (Akira), Shiloh (Nebula) and the fighters. I fired some shots and cloaked a B’rel, waiting to see if they would do their now famous ‘fire torpedoes in the general area of the cloacked vessel’ maneuver. There was some discussion about who to name it after, since I had though it was Collins’ idea, but apparently I was mistaken. They didn’t go there this time however, and made quick work of the other B’rel. The K’vort took a little longer to take down, and I got a few good hits in against the Shiloh.

Once they had built up enough momentum, however, those ships and the two additional Klingons I brought in were shot down fairly easily. The fighters managed to bring down one of the B’rels.

I got started late, traffic and bad weather kept me from getting there on time. So we only had time for the battle. I am getting a bit more comfortable with the rules I think, though I still forget a lot of them, and have to look up stuff all the time. I need to make a custom cheat sheet for myself I think, so I don’t have to flip around in the books so much.

Join us next time, as the team gets sent off on an away mission that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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