Hello Halcyon City, this is Anna Fresh, coming to you on WHCY the Voice of Halcyon bring you your daily dose of Fresh Air. I hope you have all had a good Gamma Day. Seems like the worst is over, and things are getting back to normal. Was this anyone’s first time Hulking out? Any old veterans have tips with how to deal with the hunger and fatigue that follows? Taking your calls now.

[I forgot a small portion of last week’s session, so I’m adding that in here]

After our heroes escaped the giant centipedes of the Aether Space, they went to visit one of the golden age heroes whose minds they had just visited. No one really wanted to have anything to do with Aether’s grandfather, Dr. Quintessence. He seemed that he had been involved in Chimera in all the worst ways. But Rivet, aka Rose Hamilton, was also still alive and in Halcyon City.

When Oblivion, Aether and Volt visited her home, they were surprised that their school principal, Jemma Stuart, answered the door.

“Can I help you?” she asked, in her prim Brittish accent.

“We were looking for Rose? Rivet?”

“My mother? Well, certainly, come on in. Mother, we have visitors.”

Jemma was a bit confused, but Rose seemed delighted that they were there, and quickly asked Jemma to step out and get the proper cream for their tea. While the principle was gone, the team asked Rivet several questions . . . but when they tried to get her talk about what she had been working on for Chimera, she was unable to speak. Not out of fear, but literally unable to talk. The best she could do was to jot down a long series of letters and give them to Oblivion, along with a very sad “I’m sorry.” Jemma returned before they could talk about anything more.

[OK, back to this session]

While Oblivion, Aether and Volt were stuck visiting the past, and the Aether plane, and their principal, Hiro had been stuck in an AEGIS office on the first day of his internship. He met the local director, Stradivarius, and was given limited access to the computer system, and was asked to work on some basic programming. While there, he was able to start scanning for data deeper in their systems, as well as get a basic idea of the security passes needed to reach other parts of the building. All while impressing the director, and chatting more with Hopper, the mysterious girl with the mechanical exoskeleton they met while helping the Lost Boys escape from Chimera.

Once Hulk Days had passed, it was time for the big Joust game and Mecharobotics tournament at Titan Academy. Ryan (Aether) was Jr. Varsity Captain, and Hiro was a major part of the school’s team. The team met together Saturday morning and caught Hiro up on the strange goings on.

The game of joust has been a long favorite of Halcyon City, ever since the founding of the two main high schools for super powered youth, Titan Academy, and the Institute for the Morphologically Unique (IMU). The game takes place on a large field, with two very tall poles at either end. One team member stays on top of the pole, while the rest of the opposing team tries to knock them down. Titan Academy’s only real competitor in this game, is IMU, which is populated by the more inhuman supers in the area. Their games are always a good show, which is why Ryan gets to be part of the starting team. It was a close match, with both teams scoring early, and the IMU team hitting hard with their lizard man and other larger than life players. But Titan Academy managed to pull ahead in the end and win!

While Takar and Liv cheered him on, Hiro headed down to the Mecharobotics meet, in another part of the stadium attached to Titan Academy.

The Mecharobotics meet was a multi-school affair. Nexus, the last member of our previous campaign was the IMU team’s sponsor.


Nexus – Transformed, human/nanite hybrid

Not only was IMU visiting, but teams from the normals high schools as well. Hopper was part of one of these teams. She and Hiro chatted a bit about the mechs, before Hopper had to wheel herself over to her team. Then she, Hiro, and the other students got into their mechs to prepare for the competition.


Hopper in her chair, recharging her exoskeleton.

The mecharobots begin pounding on each other, with one getting scorched out of commission almost right away. Hiro steers his to slam another to the ground . . . when something goes wrong. All of the students lose control of the mechs, and the shielding around the arena goes down. All of the mechs begin heading towards the stands. The audience clears out in a moment, but the mechs go crazy destroying parts of the school.

Just as the trouble started, before most of the team could get down to the mech arena, Liv received a message from Crystal (aka Wither) that she was in the school and in trouble. Liv, Takar and Ryan head down to look for her. They get a message to Hiro, but he chooses to stay behind and save Hopper from her mech.

The others find Crystal in the hall, scared and upset. Ryan phases with her into their secret hideout, as Liv and Takar prepare to do what they do best, defend against the pursuing villains.

I’m splitting this session into two parts. There was a lot going on. I will post the rest tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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