This week on Titan Academy, our heroes are reeling after the chaotic events at the game. Their school and hideout in ruins, they are forced to continue classes at IMU (the Institute for the Morphologically Unique). Each of them has had to face questioning from the Halcyon government as well as the few AEGIS agents still in commission. AEGIS itself is under investigation after the discovery of Chimera agents in their midst.

Hiro is still interning at AEGIS, and throwing himself into his work, making his grades plummet and his friendships suffer. Takar, as the now amazing popular Volt, is spending even more time with Omega who refuses to give up on AEGIS yet, and is participating in multiple public relations campaigns alongside the hero. Aether is being questioned about their hideout, though only with his father present who insists they can leave the moment he gets uncomfortable. Oblivion is only approached by Firefly, who again offers to enter her mind and help her retrieve her memories, but only because she has to.

Taking classes at IMU isn’t so bad. They have already found friends with the Guild, a group of young supers including Dragonborn, Dryad, the Fates, and Owlbear. While at school they discover that the Supers Registration bill has passed from committee and is before the city council for a vote. The students organize a march on city hall, and invite our heroes to participate. After the events at the big game, however, neither Oblivion or Volt are talking to Aether.

So Hiro has to find Aether to see if he will join the protest. Not wanting to be outdone, Oblivion and Takar end up racing to Ryan as well, and there is a quick pile up in the hall. Eventually they all agree to go to the protest.

The protest is in full swing, with supers and there supporters and normies separated by a long string of dividers and police. Omega is making an impassioned speech in front of city hall, begging everyone to stay calm. Even if the vote is to go forward with the law, there are ways to deal with it legally and peacefully. But the kids can feel the tension rising.

The crowd starts to move, and someone gets bumped the wrong way, and one of the dividers goes down between the sides. Rather than let anyone get hurt, the heroes jump into action. Liv tries to keep the divider from hurting anyone, but some people in the crowd end up getting tossed up into the air rather than kept on their side. Aether steps in and creates an aether current that they slide down to safety.

Once all eyes are on him, he delivers an inspiring speech, reminding everyone that really supers, normies, they are all the same and all citizens of Halcyon city, and they shouldn’t need a registration for those who are different. They just need to get to know each other, learn that they can be trusted, and move forward together.

Slowly, people from both sides begin to pair off and head off together, peacefully and happily. Aether becomes big news, and his father is insanely proud of him when he arrives home. Unfortunately, he also learns the rest of the truth about his grandfather.

Rosie’s Diary

3 Dec 59

We had our first death today. I don’t know if I can stay here much longer.

30 Mar 60

I found what I thought were Q’s records, but they can’t be. I know for a fact most of these are incorrect. Has he been lying to AEGIS? But why would he be under reporting his success? I’m going to keep digging.

24 Nov 60

Not much to report on Q. To be honest, I haven’t been thinking about him much at all lately. CB and I when to dinner last night, our first official date. It’s all I can do to not be distracted at work. It seems things have not been going well for him either. I can’t say that being a woman among military scientists is quite so bad as being a colored man among white Americans, especially since I have been able to convince quite a few of the Joes that I can hold my own in a fight. But it is nice to have someone to commiserate with.

25 Jan 62

I finally found Q’s other reports. It took a good deal of digging, and more than a few close calls, but I found them. Apparently he’s found a way to encrypt them in Jeeves. It’s even worse than I thought, reels and reels of failed trials, and more related to where we find out volunteers. I couldn’t even look at him at the meeting today, but I’ll have to be careful. I don’t want anyone to suspect until we know for certain what’s going on.

15 Sept 63

I confronted Q today. He denied nothing. He knew. He knew there were children being subjected to testing against their will in every division of Chimera. Subjected to gamma radiation, to genetic alterations, interfering with brain waves, muscle functions, making them fight in some bloody testing chamber. He tried to explain why what we were doing was good, that we were going to be protecting people from dangerous supers. None of that excuses this horror. I’m going to meet up with CB and talk options. This has to end.

3 Nov 63

Tonight’s the night. We’re taking 3 and 4 and we’re hooking it. We cannot be part of this project anymore. I don’t care how many excuses Q makes, he’s barmy. CB and I will meet at the back entrance when the guard’s changing. Between the two of us I’m sure we’ll have no problem getting away.

And I think its time, once we have gotten away, I will tell CB about the baby. But not just yet. There’s no telling what we may have to do to escape, and I don’t want him fussing over me.

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