An actual play post of Dungeon World in a setting inspired by Ancient Greece.

I have fallen behind dreadfully in posting about our campaign, so I’m going to just start summarizing for a bit.

We did retrieve Patrukia’s play, but in order to do so, we had to agree that it would not be put on, as it included artificial people, and apparently that subject is taboo. Instead, we decided to put on a play of our own. I painted a beautiful backdrop, and Menastes drunkenly concocted a Michael Bay level masterpiece. It was certainly a crowd pleaser, and I think we did well to gain favor for our Universal Democratic party. We also sabotaged the Bloodline Democrat’s play the following night, not according to plan, but effective nonetheless.

We tried to influence the crowd on election day, but I was poisoned in the middle of my speech with the dreaded soliloquy poison. I could not stop speaking, or I would die. My brother Teamon traveled to the ancient hags, and made a deal for the the only cure, promising to get their eyes back from their fierce sister.

All of our politicking was wasted, however, as just at the height of the (magically rigged) election, the Trojan army was seen headed for Acropolis. Palomestes, Xander, Menastes and Taemon did their best to delay the army, even destroying one of their large mechanical horses (troop carriers, basically think AT-ATs that look more horsey). But it wasn’t going to be enough.

And so I offered the city a choice. They could flee, if they wished, and let Troy once again gain the upper hand, take another city, and think that they were invincible. Or we could stand and fight. I could make a deal with the hags to create a ritual that would even the playing field and allow us a chance to fight them off.

The city banded together, and the leaders went to the hags. I don’t know what deal they made, but they returned with materials for a terrible ritual. I could have tried to just even the odds for us, or distract the army as I had intended. Instead, I forged the ritual in such a way as to wipe out the entire Trojan army. As the magic fell they turned on each other with a ferocious anger and they killed each other. All of them. Unfortunately Xander was among them when the spell fell, and she slaughtered all with her usual skill, and made it back to Acropolis. She even forced me to come look at the destruction I had caused.

In order to fulfill my brother’s promise, and now that Acropolis was safe, we headed to the volcanic island of Herculaneum, where the third hag was trying to free a Titan. We defeated the hag, and all her soldiers, and saved the town. But it meant another ritual. Virgil and I were trying to bind the Titan to the island, making it promise to keep the town safe. It promised not to destroy the town, or Acropolis, and to destroy Troy FIRST, so long as before a year was over, we destroyed the last Colossus.

So soon we will be headed to Atlantis to find the last Colossus, and save the world.

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