An actual play post of Dungeon World in a setting inspired by Ancient Greece.

I had forgotten that there are times when you as a player know things that your character does not. Some fun things happened in this session involving that irony, so those bits will be shown as quotes.

This week our group returned to the mainland with our haul of Titanite from our brief visit to the edge of Atlantis. Taemon brought the agreed share to our employer, who paid us handsomely and showed Taemon some of his more interesting wonders. One was a mosaic on the floor that constantly changed reflecting many different stories from the past. And sometimes, a scene of the future.

When Taemon rejoined the group, we were in the agora, and three politicians were making speeches in support of the three main political parties in Acropolis. One party felt that the wealthy should be in charge, one that only those of divine bloodlines should rule, and another that rulers should be chosen by the people.

Most of us chose to vote with the third option, all but Virgil, which was understandable. He’s the most clearly descended of the gods among us. I decided to try and get in good with the democratic party, in hopes that it would help make a difference back home in Zarathrae. I also pushed for several warehouses back home, owned and run by Arcturus, the fiend that took over my home town and imprisoned my brother.

Unknown to me, the vandals were nearly caught, and it was very clear that Acacia was involved in the acts. Another reason to get in good with the politicians in power in the new city. Acacia is hoping to have some protection.

While we were there, we saw one of the Nicheodons making a deal of some kind with one of the rich party politicians. He was an odd sort of person, with goggles for eyes, and a hunched back under a large cloak. Our group tried to follow him, and found out that he spent a good deal of time in the symposium.

Just then, one of my dear artist friends, Petrukia, found me, and let me know that her play and her playwright had disappeared. With no play to attract voters, she feared the democratic party would lost a great many followers. I agreed to try and help her, and enlisted Teamon to help us find the play. He has a knack for finding something if he devotes himself to it. However, he must also make certain vows when he does this, so he can be a bit of a bear to be around.

The others in our group wanted Teamon to lie to Acacia, and tell her that the play was at the symposium, rather than in the opposite direction as he had discovered. But I would have to wait until the next session to find out if he would be honest about this . . .

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