My muses are odd ducks. My story muse seems to always be with me, spouting ideas easily and constantly, so much so that I have had to learn to sort through it all and only focus on certain things. My poetry muse is stingy and needs to be beaten in to submission to give me anything useful. For art, though, she comes and goes. And usually in conjunction with the story muse, much like music.

After our recent trip to a writer’s conference, I managed to focus my brand a bit better. Strong, fierce, wild, these are the leading ladies in my stories. I had already drawn the dragon shield below for Locasta, the Iron Sorcerer. But I have now added one for Glade the Bard (the star of my novel in progress) and one for Kyrie who you will be meeting shortly in Captain Jack and the Mermaid.

I like having things I can look at to be inspired to keep going in whatever story I’m writing, and I thought it would be useful in branding as well.

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