Ever wanted to create a fantasy world, but weren’t sure where to start? Or have you tried creating your own world, but wish that you had some help, or a few elements that were new and mysterious even for you?

Join me in creating a collaborative fantasy world, complete with history, maps, magic and more! After each advance I will update a World Anvil page to show off our creation.

The rules may change as we go, depending on how many participants there are. The rules will basically follow the game Microscope, with a few additional guidelines based on worldbuilding advice from Hello Future Me. Here is the current plan:

  1. Setup – I will create a map, and together we will outline the palette (a list of do’s and don’ts that we want or don’t want in the world).
  2. Initial Events – Hello Future Me has a list of six pillars of history for worldbuilding. We will brainstorm and choose one important event in each of these six pillars. These will be the first six lenses (again a term from Microscope, the focus for that round) by which we shape the timeline. The six pillars are Culture, Politics, Religion, Economics, Technology and Geography.
  3. Continuing to Build – After those initial lenses have shaped things, we will proceed more free form, allowing each play to choose a focus for the next round of creation.

For steps 1 and 2 we can have a week of discussion, then the ideas that get the most likes or votes during that time will face off in a poll the following week. The winning idea is the one chosen to shape the world. Once we reach step 3 we should have enough of a foundation to allow people to build without voting, so each person would simply take their turn as usual.

If you have never played Microscope, never fear. I will explain what each turn entails as we go. If you have never watched Hello Future Me expound on Worldbuilding, you can check it out here.

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